C Program for FCFS

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First Come First Serve (FCFS) program in C/C++ programming language. Basically it is a executing process which use Disk Scheduling Algorithm to execute any process. And usually on paper, the Gantt’s chart represents the FCFS algorithm.

It is the easiest and simplest CPU Scheduling Algorithm among all the other scheduling algorithms to implement. The basic principle for FCFS is FIFO ( First in First Out) on which it works, it is a non-preemptive scheduling algorithm. Therefore, ones if a CPU allocate any process, it keep working on it and do continuous till it finish its working process.

However, performance wise the FCFS algorithm disc scheduling is not good. It has high average turnaround time and high average waiting time too. For Time-Sharing systems it make it less efficient. It’s never take minimum time for FCFS algorithm.

C Program For FCFS (First Come First Serve)

C++ Program for FCFS (First Come First Serve)

FCFS program in c with output

fcfs program in c with output

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